manger bien à l'auberge les liards

You can come and eat in Auberge Les Liards even if you are not lodged in the guesthouse. In the evening, you can join us at the 'table d'hôte', upon reservation. You can also come in a small group, up to 15 persons, either with a menu chosen by you for a festif meal, or in the formula 'table d'hôte' for a more simple meal.

Table d'hôte

Our guests in the guesthouse and people coming from outside can have dinner in the guesthouse as table d'hôte. You'll have to book at least the day before. The dinner will be served at 19h30, you can come earlier if you want to discover the place or to have a drink before dinner.

Table d'hôte means: one big table where everybody eats together, with the meal served on dishes. The dinner is taken outside if the weather permits. We like to join you on the table on Mondays in summer, with a BBQ.

le BBQ en été

A starter, main dish, Auvergne cheese and dessert make up the dinner. The choice of the menu depend on the season, on what local producers offer and on what our kitchengarden produces. However, we follow a certain rule for the meals during the week:
Monday : as we eat with you in summer, the cooking should not take too much time during dinner itself. So we do a BBQ with nice weather, if not something from the oven, with salads, vegetables from the oven and a tart as dessert.
Tuesday: marketday, and hence fresh trouts
Wednesday: vegetarian
Thursday: Auvergne (normally we serve truffade)
Friday: souvenir from our travelling
Saturday: locaphore and according to our mood at the moment
Sunday: souvenir from our travelling in the vegetarian way

des tomates de notre propre potager

For vegetarians and ...

Auberge Les Liards proposes vegetarian menus. Wednesday and Sunday are vegetarian for everybody. And if you want to eat vegetarian or vegan the other days, please tell us so at least one day in advance.
If you follow a specific diet: please tell us (at least a day in advance). See also diets.

c'est bon et frais et bio

Products used in the cooking

Our products are mainly organic, as local as possible, bought in bulk if possible and fair trade if it comes from far. Buying as local as possible is very important for us. For exemple, vegetables, flour, oil, meat comme all from a circle of 10km around us. If we cannot deal directly with the producer, we do our shopping in the Alternateur, a citizen shop in Sauxillanges.

repas festif pour un petit groupe


We do accept small groups in the restaurant, up to 15 persons. Please go to the groups page for more information.

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