Our Production


Auberge Les Liards
63490 Egliseneuve des Liards

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Our products; the production at Les Liards

At Les Liards, there is not only a guesthouse, but also a small (organic) farm. Many of our products you'll taste during breakfast and dinner.

Apple Juice

We produce apple juice, apple/pear juice and apple/hay juice (for the last one we use hay instead of straw to filter the juice, which gives a pleasant more herbal taste to the juice). We serve you our juice at the guesthouse and during breakfast; you can also buy it at the guesthouse or in the Alternateur, the citizen shop in Sauxillanges.

Confituresquelques confitures servies pendant le petit déjeuner

We produce jams for breakfast, for which we use mainly our own grown fruit (exception made for abricot). A small number of jam pots are sold in the guesthouse.


Every year we make elderflower sirup in order to be able to serve you our famous elderflower kir but also just a sirop. If you want to taste an elderflower kir royal, you might want to go to the restaurant Amphitryon Capucine in Clermont who prepares their kir royal with our sirup.

Herbal teas

We prepare our own herbal teas with the plants that we harvest at Les Liards. In the evening we prepare a herbal tea with a mixture of lime, haythorn and elderflowers. In the morning, it's a mixture of stinging nettle, mint and lemon balm. You can buy our mixtures at the guesthouse as well (but we only have limited quantities).

Vegetables from our kitchengarden

Such a pleasure to go and pick the vegetables just two hours before dinner! Salad, beans (green, yellow, purple), tomatoes, herbs, eggplant, pumpkins, zucchini, peppers, ... We preserve the surplus of our production in order to be able to serve you our production even in wintertime.

New: biscuits

Since a few months we produce biscuits for two shops: the Alternateur in Sauxillanges and the Coop des Dômes in Clermont Ferrand. We also sell at the guesthouse. Of course, our biscuits are produced with organic raw materials.