Table d'hote

table d'hôte
Table d'hôte / Guest table

Our guests in the rooms, tents or cottage as well as people from outside can have dinner at Les Liards in the evening at the guest table. One has to book at least one day in advance. The meal will be served around 19h30, you can come earlier if you want to have a drink first.
Serving dinner at the guest table means: one big table for everybody who share the same dinner. It is served outside if the weather permits. We like to share dinner with you on Mondays during summer, when we can have a BBQ.

BBQ on Mondays in summer

Dinner includes a starter, main dish, Auvergne cheese and a dessert. The choice of the menu depends on the season, on what the local producers provide and on what we find in our kitchengarden. However, a certain ritme is followed during the week:
Monday: as we eat with you in summer, the cooking should not ask much time during dinner. So we opt for a BBQ when the weather is ok, otherwise something from the oven. And a tart as dessert.
Tuesday: marketday so fresh local trout
Wednesday: vegetarian meal
Thursday: Auvergne meal
Friday: not french, we prepare you dishes that we discovered on our travelling
Saturday: according to our mood, but we try to the 100 miles diet: all the products should come from less than 100 miles away.
Sunday: a vegetarian version of dishes that we discovered on our travelling

how nice to share the meal with others

For vegetarians and ...

No problem to eat vegetarian at Auberge Les Liards. Wednesday and Sunday is vegetarian for everybody. If you want to eat also vegetarian the other days or if you are vegan, please tell us so at least one day in advance.
Also if you have a special diet, please tell us, at least one day in advance. For more information.

table d'hôte

The products used in the kitchen

We use organic produced products, as local as possible, bought in bulk if possible and fair trade if it comes from far.

But we really try to work as local as possible. For exemple, vegetables come from our own production or from a peasant farmer 10km away. The same for flour, pasta, meat; and we only serve you Auvergne cheeses. If we cannot work directly with the producers, we try and buy at the Alternateur, a citizen run grocery shop in Sauxillanges.

tomatoes from our own kitchengarden

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