a festif meal for a small group


We accept small groups for a meal, up to 15 persons. You'll have the whole lounge for you alone and the children can go and play in between the dishes.

For a festif meal we can send you a list of suggestions for starters, main disches and desserts; up to you to formulate your menu. The price varies between 32 and 51 euro, depending on your choices. We have specific formula for children. We take care of vegetarians, vegans et specific diets. We use biological products, we try to buy as locally as possible and are following the seasons.

We can also serve you the formula 'table d'hôte', à 23€ par personne (15€ pour les enfants). This means that you won't chose your menu and that the meal is served in serving platters instead of on the plate. With starter, main dish, cheese and dessert.

A small group in the banya

For small groups (up to 8 persons, but we do accept up to 10) the banya might be an option: you'll pass a nice moment in our russian sauna and eat there as well. We can prepare you zakuskis (russian tapas) but you can also bring your own food. 

Passing time together in the banya is often used for bachelor parties or by a group of friends or members of the same family.

un petit groupe peut être accueilli aussi dans la banya

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