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Gift Voucher

You can ask us to prepare you a personalised gift voucher. State us your wishes and your budget and we can propose you your choices. Here below a gift voucher for the use of the Russian sauna (banya), with a meal in the sauna, a night in the guesthouse plus breakfast. But you can also just offer the sauna, or just one night in the guesthouse or just a meal, an apero or make your own combination! We will put the name of the persons who will use it plus the offer on the voucher. It's valable for one year.

proposition d'un bon cadeau

Some exemples of gift vouchers with their price:

- 3 hours banya (russian sauna) for two persons: 60€; banya with zakuski (russian cold meal) for two: 100€

- one night with breakfast for two people: between 60€ and 90€ (depending the room chosen)

- a organic meal for two: 46€; with a bottle of organic local wine: 67€

We take care of diets, so if you look for a present for a vegetarian, a vegan, or somebody who eats without milk products, without gluten (we cook in a kitchen where there are spores of gluten so not suitable for intolerance), diabetes, .. just contact us to find the right formula!

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