Special Diets

Vegetarian, vegan, without gluten, without lactose / milk products or any other diet

nous accommodons les régimes spéciaux

We serve vegetarians meals twice a week to everybody, on Wednesday and Sunday. If you want to eat vegetarien on the other days, it'll be a pleisure to cook for you if you ask us in advance.
We also cook vegan, if you demand us in advance.
No problem neither if you want to eat without gluten or without milk products. We'll try our best to accomodate any other diet.
Be aware that we cook in a kitchen with ustensils that are also used to cook gluten products. As a consequence, we cannot cook for people with a gluten intolerance.

végétarien ou végétalien: pas de problème!

If you want to eat vegetarien, vegan, without gluten or milk products or any other diet, please tell us at least one day upon arrival so that we can take care of your wishes.

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