Des chapkas, afin de proteger la tête contre le chaleur

Banya (russian sauna) at Auberge Les Liards

la banya

We lived for several years in Russia and we loved to go to the banya, the russian sauna. We've experienced the big banyas in Moscow as well as small ones in the rural areas with the peasants. That one we wanted to build at our place: a small rural banya, in a small house where one washes himself, where one gets warm and where you spent a nice time with the other people. It is heated by firewood, you wash yourself with big bassins with cold water or heated up on the woodstove and one rolls in the snow or plunge in cold water outside. Simple and far away from the spa concept that is consuming that much energie.

So, what's a banya? You can compare it with a simple finish sauna, heated on firewood, with a more natural heat and more place for spending time together, one eats and drinks in a banya. There is also the use of "veniks" : branches with leaves to tonify the body...
Better come and find out for yourself!

Sauna russe

Private location

You can hire the banya privately in the morning, the afternoon or the evening, for three hours. A ideal way to spent a good time just the two of you, or with a group of friends, with family, for a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, ...

There is a lounge in a banya where one sits and relax. You can eat and drink in the lounge, you will find a detoxifying herbal tea, you can bring your own food and drinks or you can order (in advance) the zakuski: a russian cold platter. And of course you can order beer, wine, vodka, cidre and fruit juice at the bar of the guesthouse (all biological).

le salon à coté du sauna
You can wear bathingclothes, but traditionnally one should be naked. That's why we provide you with a linen sheet. We will also provide you with a towel, a chapka (a felt hat to protect your head from the heat) and sandals. Essential oils (to be put in the water to pour over the stove) and coffee dregs (to scrub and tonify your body) can be found in the banya.
You can hire a bathrobe (biological cotton) and you can buy veniks at the guesthouse.


Prices for 2021

Location of the banya for 2 persons: 60€ / 55 doumes
For extra person: 15 € / doumes
(we count up to 8 persons, so the maximum price is 150€ or 145 doume,
but you can come up to 10 persons )

Zakuski (russian tapas): 20€ pp

Veniks: 3€

Bathrobe hire: 5€

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