Animals at Auberge Les Liards

Les Liards is an old farm, with 9 hectares of meadow and forest. Enough place for animals, who are even necessary to maintain the fields. Moreover, they are an attraction for our clients, young and old. Children love to see them and to be able to carress, but also the adults like to have a stroll towards the animals.

You can ask to help us to feed the animals when you are hosted at the Auberge


We normally have chicken, peacocks, ducks, geese and rabbits. Sometimes there is a fox living nearby who is too active (which means that we then have less fowl), but we try to be more clever than him.


rencontre entre âne et chaton

There are two donkeys: Jésus and Loukâne, father and daughter. They are very curious, love attention, caresses and bread and try to get out of their paddock all the time.

Sheep and goats

Dog and cats

Isis le chat et Flèche le chien

Flèche is our dog, born in January 2017 and still very playfull. According to him, clients serve as playmate and he knows how to make this clear!
There are also two cats: Isis, the longhaired clear one and Isaac, our grey cat.

You are welcome to come with your own animal, but please leave your dog on rope in order to protect our chicken.


Auberge Les Liards
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