des belles randonnées à faire autour de l'auberge

Being sportive around Auberge Les Liards

des chemins vieux de siècles


Several hiking trails exist with the auberge as starting point: The Round of Le Fay (1 hour), The Hiking Trail of the Carved Stones (2 hours), The Wolf’s Hole (4 hours) and The Gourmand Hiking Trail (5,5 hours). You can get all the information about those trails at our guesthouse. There are also other trails not far from the auberge. At the guesthouse you can borrow our guides and maps.

Maybe you would like to have an accompanied walk with an English speaking mountain guide, who can tell you everything about the flora and faune, the geology and the volcanoes. We can book your mountain guide Benoît Godard, who regularly works for the auberge and who knows the region extremely well.

  Nous pouvons organiser pour vous une sortie avec Adrien Labrit et le bureau des accompagnateurs de montagne 'à pas de lynx'.

des beaux chemins, peu fréquentés

Road cycling

From the auberge you have ample possibilities to make nice trips, we have made a proposal for one. The tourist office in Sauxillanges can provide you with a small pamphlet with other possible trips around. And of course, you can also design your own itinerary with the help of roadmaps that you can borrow from the guesthouse.

des parcours vélo et VTT autour de l'auberge

Mountain bike: there are several mountain bike trails starting from the auberge. They are not signposted, but you can borrow a map with the trails at the Auberge. And of course we can help you to make your own intinerary. Otherwise, there are mountain bike centres in Vernet la Varenne and in Issoire who can advise you about further possibilities, and where you can rent your mountain bike as well.

A l'auberge, de la place pour entretenir son vélo!

Horse riding

The Livradois region is ideal for horse riding: forests, trails, few people and incredible views. Auberge Les Liards is situated on the old horse trail “Boucle d’Or”. We accept horse riders with their horses (we have meadows to accomodate the horses during the night). And we can organise a "horse parking" when you want to have lunch at our site.

Not far from the auberge exist several horse riding centres where you can go for a ride: the closest is Katbalous in Sauxillanges (9 kms), with whom we work often. Other horseriding centres can be found in Sugères (Le Vignal à 12km), in Auzelles (where you also can make a trip in a horse car), in Vernet la Varenne , and for those who are prepared to make a trip just outside the Livradois: in Saint Gervacy. We can assist you in making any arrangements. For more information about horseriding trails in the Auvergne, see CRTE.

départ en cheval de l'auberge


In Ste Marguerite, you can hire canoes and follow the river the Allier for 12 km (2h30) (Auvergne Loisirs).

Climbing on the rocks or in the trees

In Cunlhat, you can climb into the trees . You can climb on the rocks with the via ferratta in Orbeil. There are also natural rocks in the valley of the river the Allier which you can climb. In Orbeil you can also do one of the biggest cable gliding circuits (Crapa'hutte).


At the guesthouse you can book a massage when your mussles are tired after a long walk or when you just want to enjoy. Either relaxing or more tonifying, massage works on your physical and mental condition and helps for a real relax. Please contact us so that we can organise it for you, we work with several persons who give massage.

et partout cette belle nature


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