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Auberge Les Liards
63490 Egliseneuve des Liards

Tel: +33 (0)473 968 944
fax: +33 (0) 473 968 201

Prices for 2017:
One night for two persons: 75 euros
One single night in July/August: 82 euros
13 euros per extra bed (15 euro in July-August for one single night).
Half-pension: 26 euro extra per day per adult and 18 euro per child.
Tourist taxe: 0,65 euro pp from 16 years and older
sunset viewed from the terrace

the terrace room from the outside

The Terrace Room
a room with a view

the view from the room
the view from the entrance of the room

In 2004 we finished the renovation of the terrace room. It's obvious why the name terrace room was chosen: it has a private terrace, with a view...
The room has two simple beds and two 'futons', japanese beds that can be used as chairs. Of course there is as well the bathroom, with toilet, shower and bassin.
The terrace room is situated in a XVth century building, just behind the main building of the guesthouse.

the sleeping corner
the sitting corner

The strong points of this room:

1. The view: over the vulcanoes of the Auvergne and the Puy-de-Dôme in the distance.
2. A private terrace. Imagine, after a nice day spent in the Auvergne or after being travelling from far, you will sit on your terrace after the evening meal, watching the sunset and listening to the silence.
3. The room is accessible for wheelchairs. There is enough space to turn around, even when the two futons are used as beds. Wheelchair users do appreciate this space, but even more the bathroom, with everything at the right height.
4. It is a very big room; when the futons are used as chairs, you will have a sleeping and a sitting corner, quite well separated.
5. This room is partly renovated ecologically and with natural materials. It was our first experience in using a mixture of hemp and lime for the insulation of the walls. The old beams from other buildings are reused in this room in the wardrobe and the staircase, as well as the basalt stones from our vulcano (those were already used in other buildings as well).

a very small and very old window
romantic light
from the sitting corner