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Auberge Les Liards
63490 Egliseneuve des Liards

Tel: +33 (0)473 968 944
fax: +33 (0) 473 968 201

Experiencing ecological building practices
Cycling in the Cézallier and the Livradois
Sophro - Massage
African dance and percussion workshop
Weekend rando-sophro
Stone walls and carved stones
Stay for Gourmand Hikers

african danse and percussion workshop

african workshopHow about following the African rhythms, dancing them, clicking them? In an idyllic natural place, watching over volcanoes? This summer again, African dance and percussion sessions will be on the programme during a weekend at Auberge Les Liards. Marie-Hélène will be your teacher for the dancing, Assane Kane for the percussion (they both speak English). Together they will let you (re-)discover the African rhythms. The dancing and percussion sessions will take place in the open air, just like in Africa!
The dates for 2007 are: 7-8 July and 4-5 August.

Programme and prices


weekend rando -sophro

In 2007 again two weekends rando-sophro will be organised at the auberge: from 29 June till 1st of July and 14 - 16 September. Sophrology uses simple exercises (like relaxation, respiration and body movements) to create a harmony between the body and the spirit. Slow walking will strengthen this harmony, whilst enjoying the beautiful nature around the auberge in another way. A weekend rando-sophro will offer you an experience through which you will relax and resource yourself.

Programme and prices


Experiencing ecological building practices

During the last years we have been experiencing a lot with ecological building practices: insulation and coating with hemp and chalk, with loam and hay, making our own paintings with chalk and pigments, with flax oil, ... It took us quite some time to discover all the techniques, and we missed a place where to see, where to practice.
From our own experiences (and also what we hear from some of our clients) we know that seeing examples encourages the thinking about your own practices, and how you want to do it at your place. So we want to offer our clients, those who are interested, a place to see examples, to get experiences by using some of the materials and much time for discussion. This service will cost you nothing extra, just stay with us outside the months July and August, during weekdays, and discuss your wishes in advance with us.

More information


Cycling Circuit between the
Cézallier and the Livradois

Discover during this stay the regions of the Auvergne where it is so nice to cycle, but that are unknown touristically. You will stay two nights in each region (of course, you can stay longer if you want), you will discover the the region by bike during one day and the second day you will use to change region. Cycling following the small roads, with constantly changing environments, spectacular views, beautiful hamlets, churches, houses, farms, there are so many things to look at during your stay and your travelling.


randonnée gourmandestay for gourmand hikers

A short stay of a (long) weekend or some days during the week in order to discover the scenery and a region that is not (yet) known. Hiking, taking your time, breathing pure air, enjoying locally produced food …. isn’t this tempting? So why not come to the auberge for a short journey and treat yourself well?
The name « Stay for Gourmand Hikers » comes from the hiking trail between Auberge Moulin de Civadoux and Auberge Les Liards. Together we have developed and signposted this circuit of 5 hours (round tour) between the two auberges (in 2006 this hike will also appear in a hiking guide by Chamina). We have a special price for one or two nights for those wishing to discover this hiking trail and the hospitality of the two auberges. As there are other trails starting at Auberge Les Liards, you can use the occasion to discover a bit more of the region.



stone walls and carved stones

During two days you will be initiated into the construction of stone walls that are built against the hill, an old practice quite widespread in the Livradois. You will work with the stone carver Philippe MARPILLAT (who speaks English) who is also a specialist in stone construction.

In the afternoons you will visit the old stone carvers’ mines, with Benoît GODARD as guide (speaks English – is an official guide and knows the construction traditions of the Livradois). You will also have the opportunity to follow the Hiking Trail of the Carved Stones, that will take you to the workshop of the stone carver Philippe MARPILLAT.

  visiting an old ruined watermill stone walls



sophro massage

In 2006 two weekends Sophrology plus massage were organised at the auberge. During these weekends, Sophrology and massage (of feet, hands and face) will be alternated. The techniques that you will learn during the weekend go perfectly well together and will help you to become active and responsible for your own well-being. Immediate effect will encourage you to continue practicing, also once back home.
We do not yet have any dates for 2007.


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