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the tail can become more that one meter longFleur and little Fleur togetherFleur with her 5 chicksthe whole family
is it also impressive from behind? the peacocks don't fear the people

Léon the peacock

Léon has arrived in 2000 at Liards, together with Fleur number 1. They have been a present from our neighbour Jeannette; they were one year old. Fleur died in 2002, juste after having two nests without any survivals. She was depressed.
Léon was alone during the three following years, but he did not mind. He was courting the chickens, but that did not work out well.

It is only the male, the peacock, that is wearing the long and famous tail. Such a tail starts to grow in December / January in order to be in the most perfect shape during the courting period. It can measure more than one meter. Since having such a long tail is not very practical, it falls off in July.

superb colours during the courting period, Lon shows his tail the whole time

Fleur the peahen

Fortunately for Leon people gave us an address in 2005 where we could buy another peahen. And there was Fleur again, the same that is still with us. She was born in 2004 and started to live with us in the beginning of 2005. In 2006 she had her first nest, of 5, of which two survived: little Léon and little Fleur.

fleur the peahen

And the peachicks

Fleur with her chicks already bigger


Little Léon and Little Fleur

little lon and little fleur