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Auberge Les Liards
63490 Egliseneuve des Liards

Tel: +33 (0)473 968 944
fax: +33 (0) 473 968 201

1. The Round of Le Faye :
one hour hike, signposted in bleu. She passes through the valley next to the auberge. You will go through small hamlets, take paths through meadows, the forest of Les Côtes and the centre of Egliseneuve des Liards. Starting point: Auberge Les Liards or the old school in the village of Egliseneuve des Liards.

2. The Hiking Trail of the Carved Stones:
takes 2,5 hours, signposted with small signs. The hike is between the auberge and the workshop of a stone carver. You will pass some old ruines, whose stories will be told. The hike will guide you down in the valley of the Astrou and up to the heights of Condat-lès-Montboissier. Starting point: Auberge Les Liards or the workshop of the stone carver in Montmorin, Condat-lès-Montboissier. You can get a description of the hike at the Auberge.

3. The Wolf’s Hole:
takes 4 hours, signposted in green. It will take you through small hamlets and valleys to the valley named « The Wolf’s Hole ». And it is not just a name; the atmosphere in the valley is quite particular... Starting point: Auberge Les Liards. This hike is described in the Chamina's hiking guide 'Weekends en Massif Central' of 2006.

4. The Gourmand Hiking Trail:
5 hours, signposted in green. You will walk in the valleys of the Astrou and the Chaméane, and mostly upon the hills between these two. Nice authentic hamlets, superb views over the volcanoes of the Auvergne, small nice valleys, you will enjoy yourself! Starting point: Auberge Les Liards or Auberge du moulin de Civadoux in St Quentin s/Sauxillanges. At both places one can borrow a description plus map of the trail (10 € caution fee). This hike is described in both Chamina's hiking guide 'Weekends en Massif Central' of 2006 and 'Le Puy de Dôme' of 2006.

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