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Auberge Les Liards
Lieu dit Les Liards
63490 Egliseneuve des Liards

Tel: +33 (0)473 968 944
Portable: +33 (0) 610 129 151


le coin chambre

le coin cuisine avec l'evier en granite


At the entrance below you can benefit of a terrace with a view over Les Liards and the volcanoes of the Auvergne. A big balcony is also for your use behind the stained window doors at the first floor. The terrase faces west, the balcony faces north. Since the gîte is on a sleep stope, a second entrance of the gîte is by the balcony.

l'extérieur ouest

The prices:

350€ per week, up till three persons. You'll have to bring your own linen. The gîte will be cleaned before your arrival and we expect you to clean it before leaving.

Outside the months of July and August, you can rent the gîte also for shorter periods, for 85€ a night, with a minimum of three nights. Please look at the bookingcalendar above to see the dates available. We will take care of the linen and the cleaning at the beginning and the end of your stay for these shorter periods. .

In the guesthouse you can enjoy breakfast (7€50) and / or eveningdinner (20€); if you want to eat with us each day, you can also take half baord (26€). Of course, you do not need to use the services of the guesthouse. An other option: why not enjoying the banya (russian sauna) for an evening? 60€ / 50 doumes for two persons.


The gîte is totally renovated according to ecological principles. Several trainings were organised in the gîte for professionals and amateurs to learn how to deal with natural building materials. The rest has been done by ourselves. The wall on the westside is insulated with a hemp/lime plaster, with a lime painting on top. The walls on the east and north side are the original stonen walls, the insulation with hemp in on the outside. Also the innerwall between the sleeping part and the bathroom has been made with hemp, and treated with flaxoil on the sleepingroom side. The bathroomside has been covered with tadelakt. Empty jam jars in the wall serve as small windows. The floor has been layed with brick tiles, made in the Puy de Dôme. All the hemp is grown in the Auvergne.

The heating is done by a woodstove, the water has been warmed by solar pannels.

The toilet is a compost toilet, one uses sawdust instead of drinking water to 'flush'. You'll see, there are no dirty smells, everything is absorbed by the sawdust. The bucket is emptied in a special compost container, dedicated to the compost toilets.

The three pigs gîte

New in 2017: a two person gîte, in the old pigsty, on the first floor, over the whole length of the building, 3 x 11m, without innerwalls, only an innerwall for the bathroom.

There is a part livingroom, a part kitchen, a part sleeping room; there is a bathroom with tadelakt walls and, separately, a compost toilet. A big balcony on the northside, a terrace on the ground floor on the westside (oh, the view over the sunsets!).

Sleeping room

A double bed with a matrass, pillows and a duvet, all made in wool, by Ardelaine. You have to bring your own linen if you rent the gîte for the whole week. For a lesser period we take care of the linen, make your bed and put towels.


A handmade granite sink, made by Philippe Marpillat, a stonecarver. You will also find in the kitchen an induction cooking stove, a micro wave, a fridge and a waterboiler. Plus of course all the utensils that you need to cook and to eat.

la vue

Sitting room

In the sitting room you will find two rocking chairs and a bench that can also be used as a bed for a not too big person. The beauty of this part: the stained glass in the door towards the balcony, which shows a pig and the view at Egliseneuve.

coté salon avec les vitraux


A bathroom with a real bath, although small, it is called a 'dutch woodenshoe bath' in french (and in english?). You will also find a lavatory, a shower in the bath, and, separately, a compost toilet. The special elements of this part of the gîte are: the tadelakt walls (marocan plaster, very smooth and soft), the mirror and the lampshades are made by a ceramist, and all the woodwork is made by us, using old wood found at Les Liards.

la salle de bain

la toilette sèche

la fenêtre au dessus du banc l'escalier vers le RDC