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Up till 2008, we organised every year events in July and August: thematic evenings on Fridays, concert evenings on Saturdays and 'apero' concerts on Sundays. In 2008, in addition, we've organised initiation to African percussion on Saturday mornings.

We will stop organising concerts in 2009, because of personnal reasons. However, we would like to show you the pictures of last year. It was a very good year, with many excellent moments. We like to share them with you because it shows the magic of the place.



our sunsets are very photogenius!

The sunsets
Thematic evenings
Concert evenings
'Apéro' concerts
Introduction to African percussion

small african starters served on an african napkinNourou and Assane Kane

The sunsets

Each year we have many extraordinary sunsets. In order to show you how nice they are, we have prepared you a special page with pictures (to see). In 2008, one especially was so perfect that a whole row of photographers lined up. This was for us the perfect occasion to take a picture: of the photographers (see picture here above).
Of course, the sunsets will stay, and you will always be able to admire some very nice ones at our place.

Thematic evenings

During the thematic evenings in 2008 one could discover Russia, Azerbaidjan, Indonesia, Southern and Western Africa. These are all countries where we have lived and/or worked. During each thematic evening, we had a smal exhibition about the country, a slideshow made by ourselves and one could taste a typical meal of the country. On the last evening, on the 15th of August, there was even a concert by Nuru KANE, accompanied by his brother Assane, partly as well by a saxophonist from the village: Jean-Baptiste and even by a client who played the accordeon. It was a very good atmosphere!
The other evenings were more quiet, and the participants could discuss with us the country and its culture.

an azeri meal: kebab and lulahome made azeri breadthe azeri starter on a silk azeri napkinpresentation of the South African menuWest African art

Concerts evenings

Concert evenings were always held on the Saturday evenings, between the 15th of July and the 15th of August. In 2008, there were 6 concert evenings:

Keep Off The Grass was the first concert of the year. Its a mixture of folk music and blue grass. They come and play at our place since many years. We know them because Eric, the singer, is a client. One day, he proposed us to come and play with his band. But it was country music and we... we are not really favourite of that kind of music... But Eric persisted: "if we just come to the restaurant one evening and we bring our instruments, do you allow us to play...?". Finally, we liked it and since then, they come every year. And each year, its a big succes. Their website.

Sylvain and Erickeep off the grassGuillaumeChristelle

Thanks to Philippe DELAMOTTE for the nice pictures. They date from 2006, we were too occupied in 2008 for making others.

The John Brasset Band was the second group. John and Frédéric, with or without others, play at the guesthouse since years. The first time John came with his paintings, for an exhibition, and not for a concert. The John Brasset Band plays a lot of rock music, but at Liards, it's blues. Our place is a bit too small and too quiet for a real rock concert. To see their website .

John Brasseten jouant sur la terrasseJohnet Fred

Thanks again to Philippe DELAMOTTE for the pictures (2005) and to Yuko (2007).

soirée jazz 2008
the Jazz evening has been there since the very beginning . It was Roger LATELLERIE, the saxophonist who lived in Egliseneuve des Liards, who proposed us to organise a concert. We really liked it, and since then, Roger organises a concert each year. Since he does not know on beforehand who will be free on that special date, the compostion of the group of musiciens change every year. Only Roger is always there. In 2008 (like 2007) there was percussion, with Malik. Immediately, the jazz became more rythmic, more salsa.
trio comme trois pommes notre paon adorait le jazz roger latellerie
2008 was the second year with "Les Petits Pois". It's always a very good atmosphere: the music of our (grand-) parents with a lot of swing. It was difficult to remain seated, so we've danced!
Les Petits Pois en concertCécile chantele trio de cette annéeFrédérique joue piano et cajon
We were very happy that NOUROU and ASSANE KANE wanted to come and play at our place! That's Africa who was invited, with its music, the instruments, the songs and the clothing. As it was also the thematic evening about Africa, we added African decoration and a Senegal meal.  

le mbiraNourouAssanequelles couleurs!un client qui joint le groupe africain avec son accordéon
Thanks to Peter Nettleship for his pictures on this evening.

La Vox Musoko came for the first time. In 2007, Mali-Ka contacted us. She was busy constructing her own music studio, with hemp. Looking for more information on hemp on the internet, she found us! Mali-Ka proposed to come and sing at our place, but La Vox Musoko sings with famous musiciens, we never thought that they would be really interested to come to our small place. But they came! To see their website .
It's a music full of joy and energy, with often political texts. Two superb voices, and only their voices. There is a computer that register the voices, replay and finally you have a whole choir with just one or two voices. The spectators found out when they started to sing themselves into the microphone: their voice became two, four, etc, and it continued singing, while they were already seated again...

Vox MusokoMalikaet Nathy qui fait des sons extra-ordinaires!



apéros concerts:

The apéros concerts were organised on Sundays, between 15 July and 15 August. There were four, in 2008.
First of all
Mr Tambourine, Hugues, who has even lived in Egliseneuve des Liards and who always comes to play at our place. And it's always so nice, it's incredible how much music he can make on his own. Every year, there are other songs. Emile et Une Nuit was here for the first time. A piano, songs composed by Emile himself and a voice that shows, just like his texts, that he has really taken part into life. And there was Philippe GUIDAT, as always, the virtuos on the guitare with flamenco music. Who becomes more and more famous internationally, but always appreciates to make a little detour to Liards, luckily for us! Roger LATTELERIE was there for the last apéros concert with his saxophone. Often, there are other clients who accompany him, and each year it's a surprise to find out which combination there will be. In 2007, there was a violonist, this year another saxophonist from a nearby village, and our neighbour, who sang.

Mr Tambourine emile et une nuit



Initiation to Africain percussion
Saturday mornings in summer, with Assane KANE from 10h30 till 12h00 (17 euro per adult, 10 euro per child <12 years). This will continue in 2009, for the month of July: on the 11th, 18th and 25th.

à la fin de la session, le résultat était étonnant!aussi les enfants y participentAssane, le prof