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The children
at Auberge Les

Children are most welcome at the guesthouse Auberge Les Liards. Les Liards is an old farm, with 9 hectares of meadows and forest. So there is place enough. Far away from roads, in the middle of nature, it is an ideal place for children who love nature, animals and adventure. Moreover, our two sons Tim (13 years old) and Rik (11 years) love receiving other children, to play with them, to show the animals and to tell about nature.

carressing a rabbit

Which activities ?

First of all, we have many animals (see the website page on animals ). This is the biggest attraction for the children. For the young ones it is exciting to see and carress a dog or a cat. And, if they are adventurous, they can also see a sheep, a chicken, a rabbit or a donkey. The older children can help us taking care of the animals, feeding them, caressing them. But children have to be careful with the donkeys and the horse. Although they love children, a sudden sound or gesture may frighten them. Therefore one should only go to them accompagnied. The same for the billygoat, who sometimes is in a bad mood...

keeping a good distance away from the billygoat

Enjoying a lot of space, nature and other children (with other clients and/or our boys) are enough ingredients for older children to amuse themselves. The biggest compliment we can get is to hear from parents that they have returned earlier from their daytrip back to the guesthouse because their children wanted to play at Les Liards!

on discovery

There is a playfield. And a lot of games inside, in case of bad weather. When it is hot, we can put a small bath outside for the smaller ones.

We can organise all kind of activities for children. A guided walk for witch pupils, story telling, a birthday party, games. Please contact us to discuss it in details.

guided walk as witchpupil

Attention: we love that children feel good at our place, and hence the parents will enjoy their holidays better as well. But we cannot take the responsability over the children. It is up to the parents to watch them, even if our boys take them around. Thank you for your appreciation.