the staircase towards the warmest part, with the venik table with zakuski and herbal tea the woodstove with stones and hot water the samovar with herbal tea the entrance of the banya

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the back entrance, one believes going towards a datcha!youngsters cooling down

One has to pay for the use of the banya from the 1st of June 2015.
Maximum 8 persons are allowed and booking is obligatory.

The prices:

- during the public hours (9-11h, 16-18h): 18€ or 15 doumes pp

- private location (12-15h et 19h-22h): 60€ or 50 doumes for the banya and two persons; 20€ or 18 doumes per extra person. You will have the whole banya for yourself!

We let you use a linen sheet, sandals and a chapka. You'll find herbal tea in the samovar and coffee residue in a pot.

the thermometerselfmade wooden doorhandlechapkasessential oils

The banya (russian sauna)
at Auberge Les Liards

We have lived for a couple of years in Russia and we loved going to the Banya: the russian sauna. We have discovered the big public banyas in Moscow and the small private banyas at the farm in the countryside. We wanted to reproduce such a rural banya: a small shed where one washes him/herself, where one get warmed up and where a nice time together is spent. The whole thing is heated on wood, one washes him/herself with buckets of cold water or with the water heated on the woodstove and gets cooled down in the snow.Very simple and nothing to do with these energy wasters which spa usually are.

So, what is a banya? You can compare it with a finnish sauna, woodheated, with a more natural warmth and more place to sit together to eat and to drink. The difference is also the use of "veniks": a bundle of branches with leaves to stimulate the bloodcirculation. Or the use of chapka! To eat zakuski.
Best is to come and experience it yourself!

The use of the banya for free in April and Mai 2015

In order to let you find out about the banya, the use of it is for free during the public hours in April and May 2015. The public hours are 9-11h and 16h-18h. You have to book in advance, because the access is limited to 8 persons, and we have to preheat it. You can wear bathingclothes, but traditionnally one should be naked. That's why we provide you with a linen sheet. We will also let you use a chapka (a felt hat to protect your head from the heat) and sandals. Herbal tea will be ready to be served from a samovar and there is coffee residue to rub your skin.

It is possible to use already the banya in private during these two months: the whole banya is for hire between 12 and 15h and between 19 and 22h.

the plans of the architect

For 5€ extra, you can hire a peignoir (organic cotton) and a towel.

You can order zakuski (russian cold platter) for 5, 10 or 20€ per person.

10 cl organic vodka for 11€.

Zakuski during private use

Normaly one finds in a banya a place to sit down to eat and drink and to rest. You can bring with you things to eat and drink or you can order at the guesthouse zakuski: a russian cold platter. Of course, you can also order beer, fruit juice, wine, cider or vodka at Les Liards.