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a young cow charolaise, a temporary habitant a young chick, just born in the breeding machine chaton the cat playing with groseille the dog léon the peacock, proud as always
djembé, the billygoatchâton, our catjunior and cléopatre, the donkeysthe sheepTacheter (spotted), the mother rabbit with her youngsmoka loves live

The animals
of Auberge Les

Les Liards is an old farm, with 9 hectares of meadow and forest. So there is enough place to have animals. It appears even necessary to have animals, in order to maintain the landscape. They are also an attraction for our clients, children and adults alike. The children love to watch and touch all these farm animals, and also the adults like to take a little stroll towards them.

When you are lodged at the guesthouse, you can ask if you want to help feeding the animals. On sundays and in July and August (around 17h) it is also possible to help and feed the animals if you are not lodged in our rooms, but you have to ask us at least one day in advance. It is for free, but it would be nice if you would pass by the cafe to take something in return.


We have chicken and roosters, geese, quails, rabbits and, of course, peacocks. These last ones are the most famous at the inn: there is Léon, the father, Fleur, the mother, and little Léon and little Fleur, the children. Fleur and little Fleur have got chicks in 2007, 8 in total, but they have all died. Some killed by the fox, the others by a mysterieux illness. If you want to see more pictures of our peacocks.

forbidden to touch the young geese!

Donkeys and a horse

We have two donkeys: Cléopatre and Junior, they are brother and sister. They are always together with Belle (=Beauty), our mare who is retired at our place. They are very curious, love attention and carrots. The donkeys' speciality is trying to escape. Unfortunately, they are quite good in it!

Sheep, goats and a billygoat

A dozen sheep and a billygoat are with us since a couple of years. In the beginning, there were also some goats, but they were even more clever than the donkeys in escaping. Not one flower could survive their outings. They have left very remarkable memories to some clients: did you ever had the experience of a goat climbing your dinner table? So, no more goats at this moment, until we learn to manage them better.

The sheep do not give any worries except when the lambs are born. Our sheep are experts in chosing just the coldest week of the year to give birth, all together in one week. This cold is not very much appreciated by the small lambs and there are always one or two ending up inside the house. Here under you see Annette, nicely warm, with a nappy and a hole for the tail. This was in 2005, in 2006 she got her first lamb herself (in the snow!).

Annette the lamb cuddled next to the stove

Two dogs and two cats

Last but not least, we would like to present to you Moka, our labrador dog, and Groseille, her daughter, a mixture of labrador, collie and collie-berger. The two dogs love people, love visits and especially when there are other dogs. They are very good friends with our two cats: Boule de Neige (snowball), the mother, and Châton (small cat), the daughter.

our two cats are not always as friendly with each other